Flexible Team

Each project we are working on is done by a tailor-made team

Multidisciplinary team

Our permanent team brings the know-how in order to confront new projects

Internet Objetive

Our main market is geared towards downloadable digital content

We are looking for Investors and new Projects

Currently the studio is looking for Investors interested in investing in both the Studio and the Projects we are working on.
Contact us if you have any project that you want to do with us.

Work In Progress

We are currently developing the Hollow Hills game new edition.

Do you want to create an adventure game like «Gone Home»? Maybe something scary as P.T.? Or a game similar to Alone in the Dark.

Our flagship, Hollow Hills, the game that gave birth to the Studio and will be a new step in the world of horror video games due virtual reality.

El juego lo presentaremos en dos fases Road to Hollow Hill que incluirá la Demo gratuita para que lo podáis probar y darnos vuestra opinión. 

Este primer lanzamiento, incluirá cuatro episodios que os servirá para introduciros en el universo Hollow y conoceréis las primeras notas de la historia de los hermanos sobre los que gran toda la historia.

Esperamos que os guste la Demo gratuita y juegéis a esta primera entrega y nos podáis soporte para poder desarrollar el proyecto al completo.

Esperamos vuestras aportaciones cuando juguéis y vuestros comentarios a los que haremos todo el caso que nos permitan nuestros recursos.


Welcome to
We are a team of entrepreneurs who seek to achieve the projects in the most efficient way,learning each day from them
HOLLOW HILLS: an Horror Game
Action and exploration: the player will go through the most diverse City locations, fight against the out of control horrors, And use the inventiveness to solve the most strange puzzles.
Una nueva forma de entender los juegos de terror


NighWolf Games is a video game studio, it consists of a series of multidisciplinary people who struggle every day to get their ideas and projects forward.

José Ignacio Rodríguez

Development and game creation.
"The constructive mind and destructive mind"

José Uceta

Head of Programming
Senior programmer.
"He does not know how he does it but it works!"

Jaime Castells

Art & Creative Director
Graphic Designer and modeler.
"Always bothering with the lights and colors"

Peter Wicher

Music & SFX
Music composer.
"Where words fail, music speaks."