Our main Project that served as fundation to the Nightwolf Games Studio

Level Design

Hollow Hills will feature a main map as a hub that will branch out to different places in Hollow Hills. These places will have a fixed appearance order, as well as small maps and optional buildings generated according to the choice of player difficulty and other factors such as the way he plays.

Genre of Hollow Hills

It is a Survival Horror using First Person with special emphasis on VR use, including the possibility of playing in third person.

Difficulty level                                                            

The game will have three levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard.
In easy the course of the game will be practically a contemplative walk. The clues to the puzzles will be evident, they only pose a challenge of a couple of minutes. The protagonist will be twice as resistant as Normal and the next target will be always be marked on the map plus abundant ammunition and health kits.

Normal: considered an intermediate point between the Easy and Difficult. And from this point will balance the other two modes of difficulty.

Difficult: a challenge. The puzzles will be more complicated and will take more time, knowledge of general culture and logic, as well as many more and aggressive enemies. There will be a significant reduction in the health and ammunition supplies that the player will find.

Game World                                                                   

The world will consist the main town: Hollow Hills. The player will be able to enter different buildings and environments. The map will open as you progress through history, as well as other optional parts of the map will be unlocked for the player to look for medicine, weapons or other collectible items.

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